Sunday, January 15

Extreme Lack of Motivation

Yeah. Chalk it up to school looming up ahead, but I've been ultra lazy lately. I mean I've done pretty much nothing. I did manage to get a bit of knitting done, but it's going slow as these old projects are old for a reason. They sorta bore me. I can't make myself rip them out, cause I know they're gonna be awesome if I can just make it through. Here's what I've gotten done so far.

My one FO.

Bits of progress on the day-glo socks.

That is the beginning of the second sock there in the back.

And my most recent work of art...

I needed a little something to make me feel girly. And for some reason my normally tiny splitty nails are growing pretty well. I did them myself with a little kit from Target and I'm terribly proud. I feel a serious nail polish kick coming on.

I have been on a doctor kick lately. I got to meet with my new endocrinologist Friday and I absolutely love her. It's so great to find a doctor who I can get along with and feel comfortable with. I'm taking my chances again and trying a new ob/gyn this coming Friday. And the endo has all her patients see a nutritionist/diabetes educator so I have those two appointments next week also.

And of course all this on top of getting ready for classes. They officially start the 20th, but because of my awesome schedule I don't start till the 24th. My dad still can't believe how much he (mostly the scholarship, but he does help) pays for me to go to school so little during the year. I'm ok with it though. Jaime and I are going out to dinner with my dad tonight to get book money and then we're off to Lawrence tomorrow to go book shopping.

So that's what I'm up to. I'm thinking I might have to take a break from old projects and start something (anything!) new. And I really should get back to spinning before I completely forget everything I've learned.

Have a great day!


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