Tuesday, January 3

Holiday Recap

Thursday night we had dinner at Jaime's boss' house. It was a really fun time, but I still felt a bit out of the loop since everyone else there had something in common including jokes between them and such. Fortunately everyone was really nice so it was still enjoyable. And of course Sean, the boss, got Jaime a game that I had already gotten for him. Grrr. Forced me to go shopping Friday which I was really trying to avoid, but only to a small video game store which wasn't too bad.

I also finished up Kiri Friday and was able to give it a good blocking. I've never experienced the wonder of blocking before, but it was quite amazing. Imagine a picture of it here, I sorta forgot to take pictures. Saturday I knit ALL DAY to finish my dad's socks. I had to stop for a shower a few hours before the party, but afterwards I finished up about twenty minutes before we were supposed to leave.

"The party" is my dad's family's annual Christmas Eve bash. We always get together for a super informal dinner (traditional favorites include spinach dip with bread which was missing this year much to my dismay, my appetizer roll ups that everyone loves but I refuse to eat, and the main course sloppy joes) and a gift exchange. As per usual I got money and a gift card from my two aunts, although in a strange twist this is the first year that I got the same card as the rest of my cousins, one to the movie theater which is burning a whole in my pocket. Ever since us kids have grown some and we started getting gift cards, my cousins have gotten one to Best Buy and I've gotten one to Borders. I try to look at this as a compliment, but it still feels a little strange that they think of me as so different from everyone else.

The highlight of the evening was without a doubt Kiri. Everyone was just blown away by it. My aunt has decided that I must teach her to knit even. I think for a second everyone may have fogotten about my grades and appreciated me for something else. (I don't sound bitter, do I? hmmm) My dad really loved his socks too. He even called me once he got home to let me know they fit perfectly. Score!

Christmas morning Jaime and I woke up and opened the few presents we were able to get each other. I gave him a couple games off of his list (so original I know).

But he was thrilled to get some new games to play. And I got a new CD I'd been wanting, Comin' to Your City by Big & Rich and a pretty new blender.

Please pretend I'm not the size of a small house in this picture, it was too early to worry about looks.

I actually have a bone to pick with a certain Yarn Harlot about getting a blender. See I was reminding Jaime how he said he'd get me yarn (he was trying to wuss out a bit though I'm thinking maybe I'll get some for our anniversary in a month) so I let him listen to her advice for gifting yarn on her holiday knitting SOS line. Turns out she mentioned NOT buying a blender, which reminded Jaime how I want one. I actually am pretty happy with it though. I went out the next day and spent $30 on blendable drinks and ice at my favorite liquor store. It's been all frozen drinks all the time here since hehe.

Then we went to my moms for some more holiday fun. She furnished the cheese Danishes and we brought the breakfast casserole. There was a bit more gift giving

and a LONG game of Uno. All in all, fun times!


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