Monday, January 2

New Year, New You

Or something like that. Now that the holidays and 2005 are over I'm looking forward to this fresh new start. I won't say that I'm making resolutions, but I'm making some plans that I hope I'll be able to work into my everyday life. So here's the list in no specific order.

~Make a schedule for each day so that I make sure to get done everything I need to.
~Include exercise in my schedule at least 5 days a week.
~Get a job.
~Make time for reading everyday.
~Finish my old WIP's before starting anything new this year.
~Keep WIP's to a minimum.
~Blog more regularly. (Stop laughing, I can do it!)
~Spin more often.
~Finish the cross stitch.
~Take more photos.
~Make time to go out with Jaime more often.
~More, uh, private time with Jaime as well. (For the record we got off to a good start with that yesterday....twice hehe)
~Be more tolerant and an all-around better person.

I can do that, right? I think the schedule thing is really the one that will help the most. I did it for a couple weeks last year (soo weird thinking of October as last year) and it really helped me to get stuff done instead of sitting in front of the tv/computer all day.

I'll have a big holiday post in the next couple days. I'm currently doing a big new year computer clean up. There's just so much junk I'm saved over the past year and I'm feeling the need for some order. But after that I can upload some pictures to share. And just to let everyone know, I did manage to finish up my holiday knitting in time. And with nearly 20 minutes to spare. Sorry to keep you all on the edge of your seats on that one.

Happy New Year!

**ETA** Just finished my first workout of the year and it felt SO GOOD. This will definitely become a habit.


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