Friday, March 24

My Random Day

Hey, everyone else is doing it.

1. Is it weird that the only playlist I've created in iTunes is "Drinking Songs"? I am in college I guess...

2. My Aunt Vicki is coming into town for the week of Easter. Her birthday also happens to be on Easter and I've volunteered to make her a pair of socks. Why do I open my mouth??

3. Because of the above, all other knitting (should, in theory) be put to the side immediately considering my history with socks. And I'm thinking I should go for full socks, as opposed to ankle socks which is what I make for myself, which means more knitting.

4. I've decided on a project for my handspun, Panta. I don't have a link for the pattern, but everyone's made one and you can probably find it on Craftster if you search. I think I'll have enough for at least a narrower one and I love the pattern. Yaay! Oh, but not until the socks are done, right.

5. Saw some action last night. No, unfortunately it wasn't THAT kind of action. I swear we might as well be married... Anyway, right as we were getting ready to get in bed last night we saw two police cars pull someone over in the parking lot of our apts. As Jaime says, "It doesn't take two cops to write a ticket," so we were curious. Apparently (I wasn't watching yet) the guy got out of his car and tried to jump this like 6+ foot fence, which fell down. Then they had to like tackle him and stuff. Hey, you don't see this stuff here too often. Pretty soon there were 7 cop cars all over the place. They carted him off and didn't appear to find anything of interest, though they certainly looked. We maybe sat at the window and watched this for 40 minutes. Sakes, we are boring huh?

6. Tuesday night we're off to see wrestling live. Don't know if I've mentioned this before, but Jaime's a HUGE lifelong wrestling fan. I never would have given it the time of day if not for him, but now I'll watch sometimes with him or at least keep up on the stories. It's seriously the same as the soaps with some fighting in between. Oh, and there are some cute guys too. Anyway, this will be my first live show and I'm actually pretty excited. Sports are always more fun in person. And I could be on tv :)

That's about all the randomness I have for now. I swear, I will get those pictures soon. Hopefully Monday will be nice enough for an outdoor photoshoot. Happy weekend!


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