Wednesday, March 15

Still Around

Just haven't felt the blogging thing lately. Well, at least writing. I'm sure you all've noticed that I can't help but keep up with everyone else. School's been crazy as usual, but mostly just cause of my procrastinating. One huge test tomorrow and then spring break though, so it's ok. I'm so looking forward to a whole week of sleeping late, knitting all day, and most importantly no homework. Woohoo!!

Oh yeah, and my mom decided her car didn't work and that she would wait two weeks to get into a specific mechanic (I realize it's hard to find one who's good and trustworthy, but sakes!) so I had to drive her around for a while. Wouldn't have bothered me much, except I knew there was nothing wrong. Her car died in the driveway, but she restarted it to get it all the way into the garage and it was fine. So playing chauffeur has cut into my laziness too. Plus it reminded me why I moved out and why I see her once a week. I can't take more than that. I love my mom but we just don't get along if we have to be together more than a couple hours a week.

As far as knitting goes, I haven't been doing a lot. I have been working on my shrug/capelet and it's finally finished (blocking right now actually). My first sweater! Ok, so it's a short, cropped sweater, but it counts. I'm pretty proud as I had to upsize it from a size small to a size *cough cough* and it actually fits. I'll make Jaime take some pictures once it's dry.

Since finishing that I've been trying to work on other things I've had on the needles for way too long, but I'm just not feeling some of them. Now that the weather is getting better I'm not much in the mood to knit my stripey scarf, although actually they say it'll be cold next week so maybe then... And my bright fun socks are making me crazy. I'm just trying to finish them so they'll be over with. I love the colors, but the yarn is making me crazy. It's that fun stretchy Fixation which I love in theory, but at the sides where I switch needles there's a ladder no matter what I do. I've tried knitting a bit tighter, super tight, looser then usual, and just normally and nothing is helping. Ahhh! Oh, and this is my second pair of Addi's that have had the coating totally rub off. It only happens to my sock knitting pair though... All in all it's just a mess. And I love my clapotis, but it goes so slowly it seems almost pointless to knit on it. I wouldn't consider myself a "product knitter" but I at least like to see some sort of progress.

OK, enough whining! I should go study now anyway. I'll be back with a fun (read: with pictures) post soon. Have a great day!

***ETA*** Nearly forgot. For those of you wondering, no, the tornados (or microburst as those fancy weather people like to call it) didn't get me. In Lawrence, 40 or so minutes away, there was quite a bit of damage, enough to cancel classes on Monday. But here we got teeny hail for maybe 5 seconds and that's about it. Being a girl who's lived in KS her whole life and quite a fan of storms, I'm rather disappointed that I STILL haven't ever seen a tornado. So yeah, I'm fine :)


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