Friday, June 23


Well, I decided on a new project. And it apparently was just what I needed because I can't stop knitting. Here's my progress so far.

Anyone recognize this? It's the reverse of the socks I made for my sockapal2za pal so long ago, the (Not) Padded Footlets. Hers were turquoise with pink stripes and of course mine are going to be pink with turquoise stripes. These were the best fitting socks I had ever knit, and it was REALLY hard to send them away.

Here's a close up of the heel flap detailing. Did I mention I LOVE these socks?

WW Update:
I finally made it down to the workout room this morning and it felt SO. GOOD. Of course, it was mostly to make up for the poor choice I made for dinner last night. Lets just say it involved someone delivering food. I feel so guilty!! But I guess if that's what it took to get me to start the exercising habit again maybe it wasn't soooo bad. I'm just not going to let it make me get down and do anything else bad. Weigh in's tomorrow...


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