Saturday, June 24

Be Guilt Free Today

WW Update:
Just a quickie today. I was SOOO scared I was going to go up I was actually considering shaving and wearing a skirt just to have a better chance (I normally wear jeans, they weigh a little...). I even considered using my "no weigh-in" coupon. I was just terrified of having a gain and feeling like a loser. But I finally decided that eventually I was going to have a gain, even if just a tiny one, and it was better to have one now and get it over with.

Surprise, surprise I was actually down .2 pounds this week for a grand total of -9.2 so far. I'll take it!

Today in meeting we talked about positive self-talk and the title today was my favorite affirmation because it's just what I was talking about yesterday, taking my mistakes and looking at them positively; not letting them get me off track completely. It is also really how I try to live my life. Admittedly I don't run around announcing every part of my life, but I try to never do anything I would be ashamed to admit. If it makes me want to hide it, then it's probably not how I want to be living.

So, be guilt free today!! It feels amazing :)


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