Monday, July 10


First order of business, a tardy Saturday Sky for Sandy.

Unfortunately, it's looked like this for a couple days now. I love the rain, and the supposed cool-down (it still feels pretty warm out to me), but sun sure is nice.

And now for the main subject of this post, my sweetie Jaime. This whole weight loss thing has been a big adjustment for both of us. Sure, I'd hinted in the past that I'd like to lose weight, but he laughed it off saying he liked me round and soft. Of course this was nice to hear, but not exactly motivating. When I decided to join Weight Watchers, Jaime figured it was another time (and there have been many) when I was doing something just to make my mom happy. So he wasn't thrilled and I didn't really talk to him about what I was doing, not the program I was on or anything.

After about a week, though, he realized that this was different. I am truly doing this for myself and no one else. Since I started WW I've had a totally different attitude and I'd like to think that it shows. So he started asking questions about the plan I was on and how I was doing. He said he really knew I was serious when he offered to get us breakfast from McDonald's (a nearly weekly routine for us) and I said I wasn't interested. He has since then been completely supportive.

He has encouraged me not to give in, but he has also reminded me not to deprive myself. He pushes me towards balance and a lifestyle that I can live with as opposed to a diet. He knows that I can't handle certain things and he makes sure not to bring them in the house. And when I was discussing how I wasn't sure if I could keep up the routine once I was back in school (ya know, once I have to leave the house more than once a week...), without even thinking he said that working out 5 days a week was awesome enough and I didn't have to exercise everyday. He actually said I was doing awesome. And he doesn't say awesome, um, ever.

So this is just a big public thank you to Jaime. I won't say that I couldn't do this without him, because I've gotten to a place where I know that I'm worth the effort just as I am. But he makes it so much easier.

I love you Pookie. Thanks for everything.

WW Update
Sheesh, nearly forgot. I had a whopping loss of .4 pounds this week. I was hoping for more, but it's still a loss.


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