Friday, July 14


In order to distract you from my lack of knitting content*, I'd like to offer this joke thanks to inspiration from a certain Yarn Harlot.

Q:How many men does it take to wallpaper a living room?

A: Two if they're thinly sliced.

So, what do you think? Hilarious? Sorta amusing? Just weird? See, this is my favorite joke of all time. Jaime can walk up to me and out of the blue say "Two, thinly sliced" and I'll break into uncontrollable giggles. But he thinks it's dumb.

So to set the record straight. (I won't get my feelings hurt, I swear) Do you think it's funny? Feel free to take a poll of your own.

*I've finished one sock, but have yet to photograph it. The second one is SLOWLY coming along as I've gotten a bit sidetracked by books.


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