Tuesday, August 1

August Already??

Sakes! I start school again on the 17th. Guess I better get in as much lazy time as possible before then, huh? hehe

Here's a picture of that yarn I mentioned spinning. It's about 60 yards of, uh, some kinda wool, and just all over the place as far as gauge. Mostly pretty bulky though I'd have to say. Oh, and with SEVERAL knots from some plying incidents. But I'm thinking they'll just add character if I ever knit it up. Click here for a close up.

I actually haven't gotten back to spinning since finishing up this little skein. I was really enjoying it, but I did all the plying in one sitting and it got me a bit frustrated. And I've actually been somewhat seriously looking at wheels, which doens't motivate me to use the spindle much. I enjoyed using the wheel MUCH more. I'm thinking today I might pick up the spindle again...

It seems that there has been a UFO bug going around blogland lately. I actually joined the August UFO KAL to encourage me to finish up some projects before the fall knitting season. Check the sidebar for the link. My UFO's are all listed in my sidebar as well, feel free to click on them for more details as usual. Some are getting pretty old now, so I think it's time to get moving on them. I have put down my socks and picked up good old clappy again. It's going well, but still awfully slowly. I'll have pictures soon.

WW Update
I had a good loss this week, down 5.6 pounds for a total of 18.2 so far. Of course, there was one day where I wasn't feeling that great and sorta "lost" my dinner. But I still think I deserved the loss for the most part. I'm trying to really stay on plan this week to make sure I can keep all of that loss and not backtrack.


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