Saturday, July 22

Sky And Cake And Crafts, Oh My!

I'm a Kansas girl, what can I say? This looks to be a picture heavy post, so beware.

First off, my first ever on-time Saturday Sky.

And of course the end of the birthday celebration. For those of you with delicate sensibilities, I edited this picture of Jaime's cake.

I bet you just have no idea what's under that airbrush huh? I decorated it myself. Aren't I an artiste? Ha. We're goofy, what can I say...

Here's one of the birthday boy blowing out the candles. He wouldn't tell me what he wished for.

Sorry for the fuzziness. That's one of those tricky shots. So, all in all we had a great day yesterday.

So, when I haven't been partying with Jaime, or reading books like they're melting, I really have been knitting. Here's proof!

Getting closer.

There's even been some spinning. I picked my spindle back up three days ago and for once it seems I haven't forgotten everything I'd learned. I've spun a section a day since then. I might eventually have enough yarn to knit something with. Imagine that.

For those of you who've made it this far, a special treat. This is the second thing I knit. The first being a "scarf" that was probably 14x40 inches, with variegated acrylic yarn, in garter stitch. Was fun fur a step up? That's debatable. Well, this scarf has been well loved and is now looking a bit mangy so I'm giving it to Goodwill. But first I had to take a picture.

WW Update
apparently my intuition about those gummies for breakfast was right. I gained .8 pounds this week, but I know I deserved it. Just means I'll have to get my butt back in gear this week :)


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