Wednesday, August 16


I'm in the middle of several days of getting ready for school to start. Tomorrow is the big day. I am the type who makes a big deal of starting a new semester. I like to have some fresh supplies (a new pen and pencil is a MUST) for the fresh start. So yesterday was spent almost entirely shopping for these things. Today, I've been cleaning my spaces (have to have some order for my fresh start) and getting my backpack ready. I even have a brand new book and knitting project in my bag for use during breaks tomorrow. Yeah, I'm a little nuts. But I have fun.

Knitting has come to almost a complete standstill, thanks mostly to a good (long) library book that's due Saturday and a new video game that I can't seem to put down. I did break out my spiral scarf* last night for some tv watching, but that's about it. I really am trying to get something (ANYTHING) finished for UFO August, but I just don't see it happening. If nothing else, it has been good motivation to get out my long-ignored projects. And (besides the requisite new knitting for school) I am dedicated to finishing these projects before starting anything else.

WW Update
Yeah, downward spiral here. So, I had a tiny gain last week, up .2 pounds. Which didn't discourage me too much really, especially considering the amount of salt I had the night before. But then this week I have been just totally off plan. From a trip to Outback to a couple fast food incidents, it hasn't been pretty. But I'm back on track today and ready for the big changes tomorrow. I was afraid that going back to school would ruin my diet as I had gotten into a bit of a routine, but I have a plan that should work.

I'll report back after my first day. Have a great day!

*I'm too lazy to link, but if you ever want more info on my projects, there are links on the sidebar to my project blog. It has pictures and stats for all my past and current projects. Just FYI :)


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