Wednesday, August 23


Yeah, that's pretty much all I've been up to. Not a lot of craftiness going on, I've been doing homework. The first few days of classes have gone pretty well. I don't think any of them should be too tragically difficult, just lots of reading and junk. Always fun.

I found out from a friend yesterday that I'm probably not going to have to get any grad level classes. This was the best news ever! See, I want to get a CPA (certified public accountant certification) but the things KU had always sent me said I needed to have 5 credits of grad level accounting to get it. Yeah, turns out that's only because I need 30 total acct credits and they only offer 25 for undergrads. Soooo, I can save tons of money (like thousands) by going to the community college for some easy accounting credits. My problems are so solved! Now I just have to find a job (for after graduation, my "real" job) in the next 3 months and I'll be completely set. Heh, wish me luck. Actually, now that the CPA weight is off my shoulders I am feeling relatively confident, which should help some.

WW Update
Yeah, the downward spiral continued. After my trip to Outback which I mentioned last post, and a couple other slip ups when I decided I "deserved" a break, I had a bit of a gain, up 1.8 pounds. Frankly I was afraid it would be a lot worse. But, this week I have totally gotten back on track. I have been exercising religiously (and actually sort of enjoying it) and being very good about my eating. I made a plan for school that is really working for me and just getting out of the apartment everyday and DOING things has me more motivated. I'm really hoping to lose what I've gained and then some this weekend. *knock on wood*

I'll try and scrap together a crafty update soon. Have a great day!!


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