Wednesday, November 8

Fighting Startitis

Well, not fighting too hard. I've started two very happy projects in the past couple weeks. Of course there are still probably five more I'd like to start. I was doing so well with clearing out old projects too. Ah well, they won't mind waiting a little longer.

So here they are, the two I just can't stop working on.

On the left we have "Mediterranean Lace" from A Gathering of Lace. It is just divine. I'm using some lovely alpaca laceweight I've had in my stash forever just waiting for the right pattern. I have had a craving for some lace, though I'm not completely sure where I'd wear lace, but was having such a hard time finding something that appealed to me. I'm a bit picky about my lace apparently. For those who aren't familiar with it, this shawl as written has the beginnings of a regular triangular shawl in the back, but then it has two rectangles that make the front look more like a long stole. I'm leaning towards just making a straight triangle... We'll see.

On the right is my multidirectional scarf. I've seen these all over blogland (about 4 years ago of course) and have loved the pattern but just never found a good candidate for yarn. I probably shouldn't say this, as I've never actually knit with it, but I'm not a big Noro fan. To me they all feel pretty scratchy and for some reason I have trouble finding colorways that I like. But then I saw this Rowan Tapestry. The colors are amazing and it is SO SOFT! I couldn't resist this lovely autumnal colorway.

One requires a bit of concentration and the other is prefect for my podcast knitting. I could just knit on those two all day. Unfortunately, as it always goes, just as soon as I thought things were slowing down I got really busy again. I'm getting ready to graduate in May, so the job search is on. I went through what I now know to be the first round of on campus interviews at the beginning of October, but nothing came of them. I was trying to keep my spirits up and just figured that after the new year I'd start looking in papers and applying to companies I've heard of in the area. And then a week ago I was offered the opportunity for two more interviews, the first of which is tomorrow. *Sigh* I really want to get a job lined up so I can just enjoy the rest of school, but I so seriously hate interviews.

And to make things even more complicated, one of the jobs I'm interviewing for wants me to move to Cincinnati in a year. I don't really mind the move in itself. I mean, I love KC but Jaime and I have talked about moving. The thing is that I hate to leave my mom when her cancer could return at any time. If this job was my last resort, I would do it cause I must get a job. But I feel like there are still opportunities in town that I haven't checked out yet. If they offer me a job in two weeks though, I just don't know how I'll handle it.

Well, this has gotten you pretty much up-to-date on stuff in my world. Now if the interviewing and homework gods will just let me keep up.

Have a great day!


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