Wednesday, December 6


More gauge fun! So I said I was done with my multidirectional scarf and that I love it. Well, I spoke too soon. I love half of it. And the other half makes me nuts. Here's the evidence.

See how the end on the left, the cast on end, is nice and tight and lovely? And the other end is wider and sloppy looking?? Yeah, that sucks. So I found about where it seems to go bad (just a little less than halfway through) and I've decided to rip back and fix it. I haven't decided yet whether I should go down a needles size or just consciously knit tighter. Right now I don't want to think about it.

Then we have the sock I just picked back up. I'm finally going to finish those (Not) Padded Footlets that I've been (not) working on forever (I think I'm so clever). So I pick up the beginnings of sock 2 and go along my merry way. I try on what I have of sock 2 with the completed sock 1, and sock 2 seems a bit wider. Hmmm, strange I think, but I continue. Then, 20 rows later, it hits me. I was supposed to be decreasing for the gusset this whole time. For some reason when I picked them up I got it in my head that I had finished that part. Sooooo I rip back those 20-some rows on 0 needles with 90-some stitches.

And I'm DECREASING merrily along when I actually look at the sock. Hmmm, now the lacey motif in the center looks a little funny. Like, it isn't quite as tidy as the rest. I tried capturing photographic evidence of this, but it didn't work so well. 20 rows later (again) I realize that I have been knitting at a looser gauge since I picked it back up. Ok, people, this is like three projects in a row. SERIOUSLY?? This time the culprit was my knitting style. I used to sorta throw with my left hand, but in the past couple months I've taught myself to pick while holding the yarn in my left hand. Pretty similar, just a slight difference in which hand does the most moving. But apparently enough to screw me over. I switch back to my old method and things look lovely again. I don't have the heart to rip back again, but I don't think it will bother me so much on socks. *SIGH*

Will I ever learn? Stay tuned.


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