Wednesday, November 29


Motivation on all fronts is getting really low. Now that I made it past Thanksgiving break I'm just really ready for winter break. So for today, a fun updates post.

Knitting: I finished my lovely multidirectional scarf last night. LOVE IT! It needs a blocking, but I want it ready for wearing so that'll probably wait. For some reason I've been having some serious gauge issues recently. This is the second project that has changed gauge midway through, although the first was after a bit of a pause and I made the mistake of switching needles partway through this one. It's just getting a bit annoying. Guess I'll just have to be more careful about it.

The reason I switched needles partway through my scarf was that I got in my first order from Knitpicks. Yeah, I'm a little behind, as usual. So I finally decided to try out their new needle system. I've had trouble with Addi's so I wasn't sure whether to bother, but I couldn't resist. The verdict---well I absolutely love them, and I thought things were going well. But I'm starting top see some trouble around the joins. The finish is wearing off just like with Addi's. I still haven't given up, if it just stays in that tiny area it might be ok, but I'm afraid it's a sign of things to come.

School: As I mentioned, no motivation. Finals are coming up and I really should be studying for an investments test. But it'll be over soon and then only one more semester. I'm not ready to leave yet!

Job Search: I still haven't heard from any of the prospects yet. I have heard that the government takes forever to get around to that though, so I guess I'm not totally defeated yet. And there are other jobs out there I'm sure. I have heard back from the US Geological Survey about a part time job doing some light accounting and filing type stuff. It seems like things are progressing and they must be interested, but now I'm waiting for paperwork and such. More money is always good :)

WW: I've had a bad few weeks as I got totally off plan and was just eating whatever. I've been trying really hard this week to do better, but I'm not sure how well it's working. Again, my motivation is slightly lacking. I've been using all the stuff that's been going on as an excuse, and I'm very convincing!

Life: Besides all that, things haven't been that exciting. My aunt and uncle were here from Louisiana a few weeks ago and we had some fun, but most of it involved antique/thrift store shopping which isn't really my thing. For Thanksgiving my mom and I cooked for Jaime and my dad. It went pretty well, although Jaime keeps whining because we didn't use any salt.

Spinning: Hah! I'm hoping to get back to that soon, really.

So, that's the past month of my life in a nutshell. I'm getting seriously in the mood for Christmas. Hopefully I'll be able to get a good shot of my scarf for you soon. Have a great week!


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