Monday, April 9


So, I'm due August 13th. Less than 130 days away, not that I'm counting.

And the knitting has definitely begun. I started with Trellis in a nice neutral before I found out the sex. I've also nearly finished a cute pair of booties in a soft yellow. I would have gotten more knitting done if not for my obscene tiredness until recently and the whole summer baby thing. I just can't imagine using TOO many knits for a couple months. Although I'm sure there will be some cute fallish items in the future. Jaime is a bit put off by my obsession with hoodies with little ears. Pictures to come.

And that obscene tiredness is the biggest reason for my long absence. I was so tired that I'd get home at 6 and just sleep. I didn't have the energy for knitting, which is pretty sad. I kept rationalizing in my head, "I'm probably just still adjusting to work and school, a month later" Makes a lot more sense now.


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