Thursday, April 5

The Story

So, it's late February. Life is going really well, I've started making money and surprisingly enough that means we have more of it. I have accepted a job offer for after graduation that is an amazing opportunity (more about all that later).

It's also quite cold, and I've noticed that lately certain parts of me aren't happy with the cold, in fact they stay quite uncomfortable even 30 minutes after the rest of me is totally cozy. So, as I've done a million times in jest, I start telling Jaime I think I'm pregnant. Yeah, cause remember how a week ago you had canned spaghetti and I couldn't stand the smell of it? And I've been emotional even more than usual, right? I never actually believed myself, I just like to scare him. But the next day, I sorta kinda stared convincing myself. In fact, I was afraid enough it might be true that I said I didn't want to take a test.

Except, that the next day I was supposed to get the HPV shot, which you are NOT supposed to have while pregnant. So I thought that I really had to know for sure before I did anything terribly stupid. We got a test, and I couldn't wait till morning like they suggest.

The line for pregnant came up so fast I thought it was the control line. We had to sit with the instructions for a while before we were sure. I was not only pregnant, but VERY pregnant. Wow.

We were both completely shocked and scared for what this would mean for our plans. I was convinced that my new job would change their mind. Jaime was afraid that he wouldn't be able to get his PS3. And we didn't really want to believe it just from the home test. And this whole time we are completely unsure of how far along I am. Considering that it had been, ahem, a slow month, we figured it was probably from about a month beforehand.

The next day I went to my ob/gyn when I was supposed to for the shot, but instead asked for a blood test. They gave me one and scheduled an appointment for 3 weeks. Seriously?!? No one should have to wait 3 weeks with something like this. I survived, but went a little crazy.

The blood test came back positive, as we really knew it would, and we were starting to come to grips with it. Making new plans. Getting excited. Hmmm, that would mean about October. OK, plenty of time.

Then, during one of many doctor visits around that time (endocrinologist, nutritionist, diabetic counselor, etc) we got the first chance for an ultrasound. It was about to become really really real. We told them that we figured I was maybe 8 or 9 weeks along.

But as soon as they touched me with the ultrasound they said, "No way only 8 weeks, it looks like a real baby," And it did. There wasn't just a little bean in me, but a nearly whole person. With feet and fingers and a nose. Oh, and a stick instead of a hole. A BOY!


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