Thursday, August 30

Two Weeks Later

And a crazy two weeks it had been. A public thanks for all the recent comments, I haven't had nearly enough time to respond to each; I haven't even sent out baby announcements yet, eek. We won't even talk about his baby book... or knitting.

But I think I have time for the abbreviated birth story. Well, we went in Tuesday the 14th to get ready for induction, and they started the pitocin Wednesday morning. I was in labor through most of the day, even got to have an epidural put in twice. The doctor came to visit around mid-morning and said that twice Junior had reacted negatively to contractions and we could either keep trying or just go ahead with a cesarean. I was a little scared by the though of having a surgery and having to recover while taking care of a newborn, so I opted to wait and see how things progressed. But by afternoon I wasn't making much progress and Junior had another episode of lowered heart rate, so I ended up having an "emergency" c-section. Sadly the epidural didn't end up working well enough, so I had to be put to sleep and Jaime had to leave the room. Not what we had envisioned, but at 4:46 Junior was born. After a bunch of fuss over him being too big according to ultrasounds, he came out at 6 pounds 14 ounces and by Friday had shrunk down to 6 lbs 6 oz. We were all pretty surprised.

Nurse Swaddle

Father And Son

Since then of course it's been all baby all the time. He still hasn't quite gotten down this night versus day thing. Each day seems a little better than the last as we figure him out. Thank God for Jaime; he's been amazing. Although I was the one with all the baby experience, admittedly not with any this young, he is often much more in tune than I am. We've seen the doctor twice since getting home and Junior is growing and doing just fine, up to a full 7 pounds as of yesterday.

Eyes Open

I haven't managed to ruin him yet!!


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