Monday, September 10


I'm temporarily baby-less and it feels so good. Jaime took Junior to the store so I could have a few minutes to breathe. It's nice being able to knit (or blog) without having to worry about whether he'll need me rightthisverysecond. We even get to go out for a birthday (mine was Saturday) dinner tonight while my mom watches the baby.

So far I've eaten two chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, knit a bit on my forget-me-not socks, and posted this. Who knows what kid of craziness I'll do next!

Here's a newer shots of my handsome boy. I can't stay away from him for long. He's getting to be such a big boy.

Sitting Up

I love that little guy more than I could have imagined, but he can be such a booger. He sleeps a fair amount, and even for some decent stretches at night, but he can only sleep on one of us or in his bouncy seat. I've been sleeping on our couch for over a month (it was more comfortable for the last week or so of being pregnant as well) because he won't sleep in his bassinet or crib (and so that Jaime can get some sleep since he's still working). I seriously miss bed.

I really have to say that this mother thing is so much harder than I expected. I know that sounds dumb, I should have known. But with my experience with kids and infants I thought I had an advantage. Well, I don't know if I've been working with numbers for too long or if kids this young are just a different animal (my best guess), but I have NO advantage. It's better now, but I've had some rough moments when he won't stop crying and nothing is working and I just break down. I'm supposed to be good at this and know how to make him feel better and sometimes I just don't. I'm so logical that in my mind when he cries he must want one of a finite set of things that have made him happy in the past and when none of those work I feel helpless.

Ok, end of vent. Despite those moments I'm really enjoying this new little person.


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