Sunday, August 5


That's the name of the game for now. Baby J is officially due the 13th but could decide to make his appearance just any time. Every time I feel something even the slightest bit new or different, I'm convinced that I'm going into labor. I know that I just need to be patient, but that isn't my strongest virtue.

Other than being a bit stubborn, the little one is doing just fine. I really can't complain either, although this heat isn't so much fun. As long as I'm sitting down and I'm in the AC I'm great though. Just can't wait to meet him!!

I've actually been getting in some good knitting time recently, thanks mostly in part to finally getting into Ravelry. I won't go on and on about it, but suffice it to say that I'm completely hooked. My nickname is Allsmile, feel free to look me up if you're already signed up. I can't wait until it is public so everyone can get involved and we can get even more fun features. Ok, so I'm really just looking forward to not having to mess with my sidebar anymore...

So, what have I been knitting? Well, there was some baby knitting going on. I finished up a nice soft pinwheel blanky that is safely tucked away in Baby J's diaper bag. I figure he'll need something nice and homemade while in the hospital. I was hoping that finishing the blanket would be enough to entice him out, but no such luck. After knitting on that for a couple days straight to finish it, I was about done with baby stuff for the moment. I still have another blanket on the needles, his Trellis which is paused way too close to being done, and a sweet bootie needing some seaming and a mate.

Since finishing the pinwheel, I've really been working on just two projects: MS3 and a pair of socks. I signed up for the last Mystery Stole, but never got around to starting it. This time I have really gotten into it! Not enough to keep up with the clues, but still. Here's my progress so far.

MS3 clue 3

MS3 border
MS3 detail

More on the socks (and hopefully baby pictures) next time.


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