Saturday, November 3

Day 3

Lately, Junior has been eating more. Like, quite a bit more. Two weeks ago, I pumped so much that we had to freeze 3 bottles worth. But this week, this week Junior has had 3 bottles of formula. Like I wasn't having enough self-esteem issues in the motherhood area. I was just getting over feeling like Jaime and Junior didn't need me, and now they sorta don't. I hate that I can't make enough milk to satisfy him. Ugh.

To look on the bright side, Junior is happy and healthy. Evenings can be a little rough when he starts getting tired, but he sleeps allllll night and wakes up all smiley. And he's probably growing if he's eating more.

Daily baby pic
Chiefs Fan In Training
taken 9/30, with my dad

I love that sweet boy so much


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