Sunday, November 4

Day 4

This was just all fun and games. But then Jaime and I made a bet of who could make it the whole month posting every day. Now this is serious business. His link is in my sidebar, Can You Dig That? , if you happen to be interested in video games.

We're already to Sunday again, which is bittersweet. I love my Sundays, expecially during football season. I try my hardest not to have a reason to leave the house. Junior has the right idea.

Daily baby pic
taken today*

But of course Sunday means tomorrow is Monday. Oh well. For now, the Chiefs are about to play, Junior is napping and I get a chance to make some more progress on Miss Dashwood. My kind of day.

*I am going to try to post current pics from now on. Ya know, instead of reaching back to September like I had to yesterday...


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