Monday, November 5

Day 5

After a long day of work, there is nothing like coming home to my sweet boys. Junior has gotten into a bit of a routine, a biorhythm perhaps. He wakes up happy and smiley. He's pretty content all morning and into the afternoon. Then, just around the time I get home, he gets grumpy. He eats but isn't completely satisfied with that. He naps a bit, but wakes up whiny. We don't dare put him to bed, if he'd stay asleep anyway which is doubtful, because if we do he'd probably be up at 2AM. SO he fusses and whines (admittedly with a few wonderful smiles in between) until bed time. At least this I don't take personally. It isn't me, just his natural rhythm.

Daily baby pic
Baby Blues
taken 9/21, so much for new pics everyday

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have an FO report to share :)


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