Tuesday, December 11

How Goes It?

Slow and steady. No, just slow. I've made some progress on the beret for my mom. I'm not terribly confident that it will work out though. See, the store bought one she had made her head hot and she blames wool. And I know she hates acrylic (a yarn snob and she doesn't even know it) so I decided to try a cotton linen blend, appropriately named CotLin from Knit Picks. I think I'll at least end up with a head covering of some sort, I'm just not sure how beret-like it will be.

No other progress has been made. Well, at least no other knitting progress.

Junior is making progress. A few nights ago he decided not to go to sleep until 1AM and used that extra time to come THISCLOSE to rolling over from his back. I was there cheering him on and he was just almost there a few times. But then he got tired (ok, we both got tired) so we gave up for the day. Now I'm convinced he just likes spending time on his side. He's even fallen asleep like that a couple times. Sooo cute.

Daily baby pic - check out that hair

Little Poof
taken 12/7/07


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