Sunday, April 6

My Baby

Junior is getting so big!

Easily Amused
taken 3/28/08

And yes, that is Jaime's favorite oufit to dress him in.

I have probably said it before, but we really do have it pretty good with Junior. He sleeps well, he eats like a champ (we rarely even use a bib, Junior doesn't like to let food go to waste by making a mess), he holds his own bottle. And he's just so much fun! All the toys we'd gotten him are really getting some use now as he's starting to figure things out and realize that not everything is a chewtoy (ok, there's still a lot of chewing, but still).

The Ball
taken 3/8/08

Just in the past month Junior has started "crawling." Of course his form isn't perfect, he looks like he's doing the army crawl through a trench, but he sure is mobile. Every time we put him down he goes straight for the TV/stereo cords, the little booger. And of course he has no patience for sitting nicely with boring Mom and Dad anymore. So we got him what I lovingly refer to as his cage.

Monkey In His Cage
taken 4/3/08

We have a relatively small apartment and there just really isn't any way we can baby proof even one room well enough that he can be left alone. So we set up this gate in his room. It is genius! He can play with all his toys and have room to move around (my problem with all the pack-n-plays we looked at) and when we want to join in we just open up one side.

Everyone keeps saying that before long he'll be pulling up and walking. I just want my baby to stay small for a little bit longer


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