Monday, August 25

Ravelympics Drop-out

I finished a sock. No, really A sock. I'm making good progress on the other half of the pair...

See, Junior decided to put his birthday right in the middle of the Olympics. So inconvenient.

Birthday Prince

We had company in town (in our apartment, on our couch to be precise) for a week. I took two days off from work, and we kept so busy I was almost glad to get back to work. The party was small, just my parents, my mother-in-law, and us. We had considered inviting all my extended family and some friends, but I'm sooo glad we didn't. I had estimated we would make it to my mom's at around 2. We didn't get there till 4. The day was stressful, but we managed to have a great time watching Junior open some gifts and eat some cake.

Gratuitous Messy Cake Photo

Happy Birthday Bubby!


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