Monday, September 15

Again With The Socks

For a week or so there I was knitting something besides socks. It was between RSC mailings and SKA's month off. I knit maybe 4 inches

My So Called Scarf: The Beginning

And then, again with the socks. First, some Monkey's.

It only took me 2 years to get to this pattern. Actually at first I wasn't impressed by it. But after seeing so many variations I caved. I'm in love!

Next, the September mystery socks for SKA. The challenge was to knit orange socks. It doesn't count as stash if I start them right away.

As far as the life that goes on between sock knitting sessions, it's been going pretty well.

We're in the busy season at work, gearing up for year end close out at the end of this month. It's been a little crazy but I'm still loving it.

Junior gets more ornery every day. He gets into EVERYTHING. I just have to remind myself that his curiosity is a good thing. He still isn't talking at all, which worries me sometimes, although everyone says I shouldn't be concerned. Aaaand the only "big boy foods" he'll eat are cheerios, cheez-its and just recently frozen soft pretzels (ok, and there was that one time I let him nibble on my oreo cakester, but that doesn't' count at all). UGH! It is so frustrating. The doctor said not to force it, which is good cause the boy is seriously stubborn. Don't know where he gets it...


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