Monday, August 4

Time Flies

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I can't believe my baby is getting so big! Just yesterday he decided he'd like to walk. I was sorta weepy all day, thinking of what a big boy he is and how quickly this year has gone.

Junior really is such a joy. I know I say that pretty much every time i talk about him, but it's true! He loves to play and laugh. I don't know how I'd make it through some days without knowing I get to go home and play with him.

Ok, so he can be a booger. he is REALLY curious and gets into everything. And now his favorite thing is to put EVERYTHING into his mouth. Every little piece of fluff on the floor, every crumb, everything. We are still having some trouble getting him to eat table foods without gagging, but junk off the floor he doesn't have any problem with.

Junior will be turning one year old on August 15th. We have a very small party planned, just my parents, Jaime's mom who is flying in from CT and us. We really wanted it to be a nice no-stress party for the people who love Junior most in the whole world.

My baby isn't a baby anymore!


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