Friday, November 28

Let The Holidays Begin

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone. I am ready to give in to the holiday season. This year will of course be different. Junior is one year older and I think he's going to enjoy getting some gifts from Santa Clause. And hopefully he won't mind meeting Santa either...

So of course there is the holiday knitting. I try not to get too crazy with the holiday knitting plans. I'm not good with deadlines and don't want to make myself insane. Buuut, there are a few things I have planned. I've even finished a few projects.

Vicki's Stocking Unblocked
Vicki's Stocking

I'm going to knit Jaime, Junior and I stockings this year. I had talked about it last year but never got motivated. And yes, I knit mine first. I knew that the first one (being the first stranded knitting I've done in over 2 years) might be a little wonky and I want Jaime's and Junior's to be (closer to) perfect. I've started Jaime's stocking and so far I was right. It is going so much more smoothly (and quickly, that goodness).

I also finished a simple hat for Jaime. I knit him one a few years ago, but it has always been a bit big and he wanted some variety.

Hat For Hubby
Hat For Hubby

He really likes is and even requested one in a bright orange. Now I just need to find a good yarn...

Yaaay For Thanksgiving!
taken 11/27/08

Had to add in a picture of Junior. This is us after our Thanksgiving dinner. Junior ate with us this year. Well, he ate sweet potatoes at least.

So, that's all for now. I have a new project that I'm starting up on December 1st. More on that in a couple days.


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