Thursday, September 25

It Has Been Far Too Long...

since I've posted a picture of Junior. Right?

Peas And Carrots
taken 9/24/08

I think he has finally turned a corner and decided to give table food a real go. Last night he had peas and carrots and apples for dinner. Yaaaay! He's so big now. And he is getting harder and harder to entertain. Jaime and I play with him, and he has toys, but he just seems to need more excitement. My mom went with Jaime and Junior to look at cars and Junior was an angel (ok, those were my mom's words and of course she thinks he's an angel). When we're out of the house he's fine. I think he is just bored of his toys, his room, us.

Sooooo, knitting. Right. I've been knitting a little bit.

Palm Cozy

Monkey Socks

Blue Jeans Socks

That would be palm cozy, Monkey's and Junior's blue jeans socks. They are all knit in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in Jeans. I just can't get rid of this yarn! I bought two skeins for socks and only used a teensy bit from the second skein on my Monkey's. I'm thinking Junior might get his first hat this fall made to match his socks.

Ok, one more Junior pic for the road.

Just Junior
taken 9/24/08

I sure love that kid.


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