Tuesday, November 30

Who, Me?

One might think that after a nice 5 day weekend a student such a myself wouldn't have a single school-related worry. One obviously doesn't know me and my procrastination very well. I went to class from 9:30-11, I have another class from 2:30-5 and then I have a Business Law test from 8-10. I haven't started studying for my BLaw test, and I'm blogging! I also have a paper about a book due in one week, but have I started the book yet??? NO!!! And I have finals in less than 2 weeks! I'm officially freaking out (but not so much so that I've stopped blogging). I've imposed a minimum half hour of studying per day from now till the finals are over. I can handle that right? I hope so. Well, my 30 is about to start. 30 minutes should be enough to learn/remember 3 months of BLaw stuff right?


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