Monday, December 27

After a holiday break I'm back and ready to blog. First I want to thank everyone who has emailed me or left a comment about my last post. I really appreciate all the support and kind thoughts. Two of my aunts are coming into town tomorrow night to be with me during the surgery and to help out afterward. One aunt I haven't seen in probably 8 years as my mom doesn't (or didn't) talk to most of her siblings. This whole thing has brought all of them together though which I'm so thankful for. Family is really important to me and I hated that I didn't know so many of my relatives. It'll be nice to get to visit with them, even if it is because of a not-so-happy surgery. And I think while we're waiting (there'll be plenty of time) I'm going to try to teach my aunt(s) to knit. Wish me luck.

Now for the Christmas update. I didn't really get into the spirit this year, which I hate because usually I'm the only one who truly enjoys the rush and the music and lights and all of it. I did have a fairly nice Christmas though. On Christmas Eve I went to my Aunt Pam's house for our annual party with my dad's family. We got there sorta late, but it was still a nice time. I got a chocolate bar and a gift card to Hobby Lobby, a gift card to Borders, some Japanese calligraphy of "Thought" and my name, and a sock book with yarn (my Grandma always just sends us money to pick out our own present cause she has so many kids/grandkids/etc). Not bad, huh? Christmas Day I spent at home with Jaime. We opened presents and just had a nice day doing nothing. He bought me some CD's (Sweet Right Here, Horse of a Different Color, and Feels Like Today), two video games (Dr. Mario and Paper Mario), and a special toy. I'm obsessed with Paper Mario. I've played it for over 10 hours so far and am in LOVE. Jaime's so good to me! Yesterday Jaime and I went to my mom's house to have Christmas with her. She's doing really well and is getting ready for surgery and her visitors. We played some games and she opened some presents that her sister had sent her. It was nice to spend some time with her. So that (those?) was my Christmas.

Other than that I haven't been up to much. As I said I've been playing my new video game a lot since I got it. I've gotten some knitting done, but nothing exciting. I've been working on my scarf (which is REALLY SLOW) because my mom is all worried about me not having a scarf to wear. I don't want her worrying about me when she needs to take care of herself. Yesterday before I went to my mom's I went to a special pre-inventory sale at Yarn Barn. It was CRAZY!!! I waited in line for almost an hour, and that was once I decided what to get. All yarns were 25% off and I had $100 to spend. Of course I went a little over (only $11) but I got some good stuff. Mostly some sock yarn (not even through my first pair but I'm hooked) and some nice yarn to make a purse and another scarf. Everyone I know has said that they want socks, I'm gonna be busy!

Again, thank you to everyone for thinking of me and sending out prayers and thoughts for my mom. It means a lot to me.


  1. keep us updated on your mom! Hope you're holding up ok

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I haven't forgotten your mom's hat. I'm almost done with the scarf and I'll get going on it right away! Take Care!