Thursday, December 16

So Done

Well, finals are over. It's still sinking in. Every once in a while I stop and think about it and get excited. Yaaay for winter break! Yes, I'm a lazy bum and I love it :) I started my socks and got through the cuff and heel when I found out that my stupid fat feet are too fat for the pattern. I switched up to 3's and now they fit SUPER well. There's a little hole on one side where the heel connects back to the rest of the sock. I'm thinking it's because of the pattern. It's "easy" because when I'm doing the short-rowish turning I don't have to wrap (never having done actual short rows I don't know how hard wrapping is, but they sound easy enough, right?), but I'm blaming the little hole on that. It's happened both times so it isn't just a boo-boo (or I made the same boo-boo twice, which is possible). But they're gorgeous and I love knitting them so I can live with a teensy hole. I'm about to start the toe part tonight, wish me luck :)


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