Sunday, December 19

It's Official

I'm officially the laziest person ever. I've done like nothing at all since I got done with finals. I guess I'm allowed a little time to relax. I finished my first sock. I love it tons! It isn't perfect, and for my next pair I'm going to find a different pattern. The toe doesn't look great and I'm still a little upset by the heel hole. But there will be another pair :)

I actually haven't really knit much the past couple days. Not today at all :o I've been reading a lot, which I'm really enjoying. I'm getting into Persuasion, though it took a few pages. The writing style is sorta hard to get used to; the sentences are so long with so many commas that sometimes I have to read a sentence twice to get straight what it means. Yeah, alright. I'm no literary genius; I'm really more of a math person. But I love to read so who cares! Anyway... Babyville is still really good. It is a nice change of pace from my other reading. I've also spent some quality time catching up on about 3 months of ignored Creating Keepsakes magazines. And now I have a huge itch to scrapbook. It doesn't help that we're stuck in this shoebox of an apartment and I barely have room to breath. And, They're having a CKU in KC, on my birthday!!! I've wanted to go to CKU for probably 3 years. But I never have money and don't like going places alone and Jaime doesn't have much interest in a scrapbooking convention thingy. This is so perfect. Now I must beg my parents for a trip to CKU for my b-day (of course I'd have to pay and sign-up June, but we won't mention that). I MUST GO!!!!


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