Saturday, January 22

One week down...

My first two days of school were pretty good. I only have one class that I'm dreading, which isn't terrible. I went back school book shopping again today, still don't have one that I need. But it's totally the teachers fault. I really should be doing at least a little hw, but it's Saturday night, can you blame me for not wanting to study??

Jaime and I were supposed to go to the movies and dinner tonight but it's been a crazy week and poor Jaime's tired. We'll just have a nice night in tonight and then tomorrow will be date night. Just can't stay out too late as Monday's one of my early days (first class @ 9:30 lol). We're thinking White Noise for the movie. It looks so creepy!!

Last night we (and by we I mean Jaime did it and I watched) wiped my computer clean and reinstalled everything. I don't know what happened, but it decided not to go online anymore and it was all that would work. Luckily I wasn't computer-less for long. And because of everything being gone I decided to try Outlook again and I got it to work. It's sad that having Outlook back almost made me cry.

I'm still working on my water bottle cozy. It's stuck in the middle of a bunch of exciting stockinette so it's going sort of slowly. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll at least be to the decrease part. And I'm jut hoping that I can get the decrease to work right for me. I've designated Tuesdays cross-stitch day, since everyone else has Tuesday dedicated to something. I actually got some work done on it last week, I was proud :)

Last week I gave up on Persuasion. I just wasn't getting into it and I had to put it away. I hate to give up on books, but at a certain point I just have to admit that it isn't the right time to read it. At some point I will get through a book by Jane Austen, I swear! And since I put The Bad Beginning into my backpack for between class reading I had to start another book. So I picked out one I've been meaning to read forever,
One Hundred Years of Solitude. So far (a couple pages in) it's pretty good. I sometimes have a hard time keeping characters straight, especially when they have similar names, but I'm hoping that the book having a family tree in the front will help. I've had to flip back to it several times already.

So that's all that's going on with me right now. :)


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