Wednesday, January 19

This is my farewell to winter break. It has been fun. Let's all just take a moment...

Tomorrow I start classes again. I'm actually kinda excited, as I always am. School is fun for the first week or so when I'm still on top of everything and there's hardly any homework and no tests. It's not till later when I become bored with the whole thing. :) Plus I love having new pens and notebooks. That's the best! And tomorrow I don't have class till 12:30 hehe. I feel lazy just saying that.

So now I'm thinking about everything I've done over break. Of course the main thing was to deal with what was going on with my mom. I'm so glad everything went well and that I was able to be there for her. Besides that, I haven't done much lol. I finished a couple books, which is pretty good for me. And I knit my first pair of sock! Woohoo me :) All in all I guess I got a fair amount done, even though I felt disgustingly lazy most of the time.

So back to the present. Yesterday in all my first day of school excitement I started a water bottle cozy for my school water bottle. It's one of those really nice indestructible plastic ones unfortunately it sweats like crazy! So I figured a cozy would be perfect. Of course now I won't finish it till spring break...


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