Wednesday, March 2

100 Things About Me

I'm bored so I thought I'd finally post one of these fun things. I just sorta went with what came to me. 3 posts in one day, what's up with that?

1. I've lived in Kansas my entire life.
2. I've never travelled outside of the country.
3. I took 5 years of Spanish before I quit.
4. I love math.
5. I have obsessive/compulsive tendencies.
6. Until I was 7 I was (supposedly) allergic to strawberries.
7. I still don't like strawberries.
8. I didn't eat a hamburger till I was 12 and a steak till after that.
9. I'm a picky eater.
10. I'm not big on chocolate.
11. I love fruity candy.
12. My parents got divorced when I was 5.
13. For a while my dad lived with his sister's ex-husband.
14. My cousin Laura was my best friend until I was 12.
15. We don't talk now. We just don't, not like we hate each other or anything.
16. My best friend now is Jaime.
17. He's my boyfriend.
18. I live with him and have for 3 years.
19. I moved out of my mom's house when I was 17.
20. My daddy spoils me like crazy!!
21. I am an only child.
22. I'm "gifted."
23. I don't always feel gifted.
24. I'm a perfectionist but only when it comes to myself.
25. I am afriad of spiders and bugs.
26. Snakes don't bother me.
27. My favorite soda is Sprite.
28. Sprite wakes me up more than Coke or coffee.
29. I never said soda until I met Jaime. I used to say pop like everyone around here does.
30. I love reading.
31. I hate reading for school.
32. I hate subjective grades (like for a paper).
33. I have dealt with depression my entire life.
34. I'm shy.
35. When I was little I was completely unshy.
36. I don't cook often.
37. My specialties are omelets, enchiladas, and pizza.
38. I don't like breakfast much. There aren't as many choices.
39. I love breakfast for lunch or dinner.
40. I've never had a real surgery.
41. The closest was when I had my top wisdom teeth taken out and I was knocked out in the dentist's office.
42. I only have one living Grandparent, my dad's mom.
43. I'm jealous of the relationship Jaime has with his Grandma.
44. My mom and I only get along when we aren't around each other too much.
45. We're very alike and argue a lot.
46. I am very opintionated.
47. One of these opinions is that everyone is allowed to have their own opinions.
48. I'm very liberal.
49. I hate anyone pushing their ideals onto others.
50. I often play devil's advocate.
51. I love debating.
52. I tried debate class in school but I couldn't get past all the research that it required.
53. In 4th and 5th grade I played the viola.
54. I wanted to switch to the flute but my mom wouldn't let me. So I quit.
55. When I was little my mom wanted me to do everything.
56. I was the youngest in my dance class at 2 and I started piano lessons at 5.
57. KU was about my last choice in colleges.
58. They offered me a full ride scholarship plus living stipend .
59. I go to KU.
60. I love college.
61. I could take classes for the rest of my life.
62. I love learning about different ideas and peoples.
63. I am very open-minded.
64. I'll try anything twice.
65. Jaime appreciates this ;)
66. My daddy bought me a car when I turned 16.
67. I love my 2000 Neon and still think of it as new.
68. I can't believe how fast time goes by now.
69. I still cannot grasp that I'm 20.
70. I feel old.
71. I still get surprised when people don't treat me like a child anymore.
72. I've always looked older than I am.
73. I've always been mature for my age.
74. I used to be convinced that Christianity was THE WAY.
75. I don't know exactly what I believe anymore.
76. I used to hate that my mom didn't "believe in organized religion."
77. Now I see her point.
78. I love working with children.
79. I can't believe in a religion that tells us that children are born imperfect and evil.
80. I hate wearing shoes and socks.
81. I like to be able to wiggle my toes.
82. I love animals.
83. I had a cat as a child but I tested positive for pet allergies so my mom gave her away.
84. I will have a cat someday. Partly to prove her wrong.
85. I want to have lots of children.
86. I hate the abundance of bad parents out there today.
87. I worked in day cares for 2 years in high school.
88. I wouldn't leave my children in a day care unless I worked there.
89. Someday I want to open a day care center that I would feel good leaving my children in.
90. I love helping people.
91. My first job was as a sacker at a grocery store.
92. I love country music.
93. When I was 7 my aunt got me and my mom into Garth Brooks.
94. I would die to go to a Garth Brooks concert.
95. I have a "thing" for older men.
96. Jaime is 24.
97. Jaime is more like my dad than I'd like to admit.
98. So am I.
99. My favorite color is pink.
100. Even if it's only in the lives of my children, I want to make a difference someday.


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