Saturday, March 5

We Have Progress

The Big Sophie, she is done. I took a couple pictures but in all the computer fun I haven't loaded them up yet. More on the compy later. I decided to add a tab to the top for a clasp of sorts. Of course I got half way through said tab and ran out of lovely cascade. Grrr! I substituted some black maybe-wool I had leftover in my stash. I say maybe-wool because in all my brilliance I ended up with part of a skein of black wool and part of a skein of black superwash acrylic/wool WITH NO LABELS! What was I thinking? Obviously I wasn't. So I picked what I think looks the most like wool and used it. And if it doesn't felt I'll just rip it out and use the other one. I'm not even sure I love the black, but I wanted a tab and I don't hate it enough to rip back and redo it. So Big Sophie is awaiting my next trip to JoCo to use my mom's washer. Oh, and that pesky strap thing...

Since Sophie was my only project still being worked on (the x-stitch doesn't count) I had to start something else. Some might say that this was the perfect time to get Jaime's other sock done, but they wouldn't understand that I'm still not in the right place to start on sock two. I am ready for a fun Vicki sock though! So I restarted my green/purpley Fixation sock. But this time, cuff down. Obviously I haven't finalized my decision in the top up or cuff down debate. And I can't decide which heel to use. So many choices for socks! They're pretty and stretchy cuffs for now though. Pictures soon.

So after a week of just suffering through the relentless pop-ups and the recurring search tool bar I couldn't take it anymore and I made Jaime wipe the whole thing clean and reinstall everything. And I have my friend back again. And the internet will work long enough for me to check in with all my Bloggy friends, yaay!

Still have that paper to write. I'm putting it off. I hate writing papers. Blogs I can do, papers not so much. I'm doped up on advil now cause I've been stressing about it all day. But not working on it mind you. It's what I do. How is it almost Monday again??


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