Friday, March 11

As promised

Ok, so it took me a little while, but I made it back. And I have fun knitting pics! First we have the finished (but not felted) Big Sophie.

What d'you think of the black? Look ok? I could still change it if it's terrible.

And next we have the beginning of my Fixation sock. At first the stretch was makiing me crazy since I tend to knit tightly, but now I love it. It's probably helped me loosen up a little too, although I wouldn't guarentee anything.

You can't see it, but it does have a slight laddering problem. I have tried pulling super tight at the corners, not doing anything at the corners, knitting really loosely at the corners, and only giving a teeny tug at the corners. NOTHING WORKS! It's making me crazy. I had the same problem with my other socks (though Jaime's don't seem to have that problem), but it doesn't look quite as bad because of the elastic. Could it be because I'm knitting cuff down? That's like the only difference b/t my socks and his. Stupid ladders!

So school has been pretty good. Got back all those scary tests that I had and I got A's on two and a B on the other. I'm happy! I still haven't gotten my paper back, I'm trying not to think about it so I don't freak out. Of course, I found out from a friend that I may be taking this English class for no reason. I guess I don't totally mind cause I LOVE the class (just not the writing stuff). There are some great people in the class and the teacher is really nice. We have so much fun joking around and arguing about stuff. I'd still rather that it actually go towards something though. Plus I might have to take COMS which is like a speaking class, YUCK! We sign up for classes at the beginning of next month so I'll be visiting a advisor soon enough anyway.

Yeah, so I learned my lesson about predicting sports on my blog. For anyone who doesn't keep track or care, KU totally lost to Missouri. DAMN! KU's playing K State tonight in the Big 12 tournament, so that's what I'll be watching. Please win KU! :)


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