Sunday, March 13

Basketball is Good for Knitting

That's been the theme of this weekend. For some reason I've suddenly become interested in college basketball, right in time for the Big 12 Championships. So I've watched almost nothing else the past two days. We won't discuss what happened yesterday evening. I'll just say that this is really only the small time, the important thing is the NCAA championship. But all this sports time has been good for my knitting. I've finished one sock and gotten through the heel of the second. I probably would have gotten even farther if I was able to knit without looking, which I haven't yet mastered. The really happy thing is how little yarn my socks are using. I didn't know how much I'd need for socks so I bought three balls each of two colors. I'm past the second heel and haven't needed the second ball yet, which means I should be able to get two pairs of each color. Happiness!

Well, it's time for breakfast. Jaime made hashbrowns, sausage, eggs, and toast. Yumm!


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