Saturday, March 19

Bandwagon, Here I Come

After a few days of no knitting (and plenty of whining for yarn) I couldn't hold out any longer. Sure I don't have enough yarn to finish it, but they might still have the same dye lot (even though I bought the yarn in January). And who cares about dye lots anyway, right? So I started this...

That, of course, is the beginning of my very own Clapotis. I haven't decided what I'll do with it really. I have just one skein of this color which I adore. I also have a matching plain pink. I considered doing the middle section in the solid color, but I'm not sure if it'll look ok or not. If so I could just make the whole thing like one repeat of increases smaller and be fine. Or I could make it the full size and just cross my fingers with getting a couple more skeins that match. And God only knows when I'd be able to do that. Decisions, decisions.

Other than knitting that, I've done pretty much nothing today. Not that I'm complaining. Tomorrow night I'm staying at my mom's overnight so we can get up nice and early (I should note that I don't find ANYTHING nice about early) to go to the hospital. I don't know that I've blogged about it yet, but in all the fun of her double mastectomy, she was also having some reproductive issues. She's 58 and still not quite menopausal, but she's got a pretty big fibroid in her uterus. Aparently it's as big as if she were like 16 weeks pregnant. It's not a big deal, but she's going to get a scraping and a scope done on it (sounds fun huh?) and I'm her driver.

Last night wasn't so much good. I've decided that I'm not cut out to be a basketball fun. It's too fast, too up and down. I need something a little slower like football (not to mention the guys are cuter). I was watching the game last night and my heart was racing. I get too into it. Luckily I don't have to worry about it for a while now. Look at me looking on the bright side of a dismal depression loss.

Thanks to everyone's suggestions for my ladder problem. I'll have to cast on some more socks to test your ideas (not because I want more socks of course).


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