Tuesday, March 22

It's Always Something

Thanks for all the kind thoughts for my mom. The procedure went well and she's doing great. Of course they haven't gotten the results yet, but even the doctor thought that nothing would come of it. It was just to make sure. And my mom and I had a great time having a bit of a slumber party. We had some great talks. I really love that we can talk about sex, and it isn't even weird anymore.

And since my mom's doing ok my daddy's sick. I had to bring him some meds yesterday and the poor guy got out of breath just answering the door. I'm hoping he feels better soon, but I'm not so sure. He's had this same sort of thing a couple times several years ago and it usually gets pretty bad and stays for at least a month. The last time was probably at least 5 years ago, but he broke 2 ribs from coughing. If you have any healing thoughts left, he could use some.

Clapotis is coming right along. I haven't gotten through the increase part, but I'm loving the rhythm of it. Fortunately you all don't seem to think the dye lot will matter so I'm going for the more shawl like width and I'm gonna go get the rest of what I need today, if I get off my lazy butt and it isn't too cold/rainy. Jaime thinks he's hot stuff cause he told me that the dye lot wouldn't matter when I asked him a couple nights ago. I think he just told me what I wanted to hear, but he's convinced he "just knew". While waiting at the hospital yesterday I started on my first worsted socks. Man they go quick. I can't wait to get the done too. I've never liked socks or shoes, but lately my feet have been cold constantly. These beauties are destined to become my house socks. Pictures to come soon, really. Hope your spring has started off nicer than mine (I'm sorry, did the weatherman say "snow"??)

**EDIT** I just talked to my dad and he's feeling better today. Not totally well, but better anyway. He hasn't even had to take any meds yet today. I hope it isn't just a fluke.


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