Friday, March 18

The Interview

Ooh, La interviewed me! Here're the rules:

1. Leave me a comment saying "interview me."
2. I'll respond by posting your very own interview questions.
3. You'll post the answers to your blog, along with these rules, therefore continuing the cycle.

And here are my answers.

1. What is your favorite musical genre to sing? Have you ever performed in public? What's your favorite song and why?

My favorite genre is definitely country, for signing or listening. I'm pretty open to all music though. I've never really performed in public, except for like school concerts and such. In elementary school I was in the choir, but my shyness took over from there. I heard that in middle school you had to sing by yourself in front of the class to be put into a section and I wasn't having that. I sorta regret it too. My favorite song...that's so rough! I have a lot of favorites that remind me of different periods in my life. The best I can think of right now for overall favorite would be "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" by Bryan Adams. Although actually the Brandy version isn't terrible. It's such a sweet song. When I heard it on "I Love the 90's" I actually started tearing up a bit.

2. I see you're a fellow cross-stitcher. How long have you been doing it? What has been your favorite project? How about your most labor-intensive/triumphant one?

I've known how since I was really young, maybe 8/9-ish. My grandma gave me and some of my cousins one of those little started kits and I loved it. After that I think I bought like 4 fairly small projects that I never finished for various reasons (boredom or horribly messed up counting usually). And then I decided to go all out (meaning I lost my mind and picked something rediculously large and intricate) and picked the one that I'm still working on. When I finish it, it will definitely count as the most labor-intensive/triumphant.

3. How many scarves did you knit before you cried "enough!" and went onto something else? What WAS that something else?

I think I only made 2 scarves before moving on to something else (although there have been several scarves since then, including the three that I've put away for a while). The next thing I knit after scarves was a poncho, but that hardly counts since it was one of those BIG rectangles just seamed up on one end. And after that I jumped into my fingerless mittens. Again with the jumping into a big project, do you sense a pattern? We won't discuss the queen sized quilt...

4. What was the best part of growing up in Kansas? What is one memory from your childhood that stands out?

Well for starters I didn't grow up in the Kansas that most people think of. I have lived in the middle class suburbs of Kansas City my whole life. No small towns or farms for me. The best part, well there are some good schools around here. And I used to go to World's of Fun and Ocean's of Fun at least once every summer. They are so much fun. The barbecue is good here too. One cute memory I have is when I was in 4th grade or so my cousin and I were really into Winnie the Pooh. We even wrote a play and cast some of our friends in it (I was Pooh and my cousin was Piglet). Nothing ever really happened with it, but we had fun. Actually, most of my good memories involve Laura, my cousin. We always had fun in the silliest ways. When we were about the same age we used to stay together when school was out since all of our parents worked. And when our mom's would come to check in on us during their lunch hours we would have a menu prepared (of food in the house we could cook) and we'd make them order from us. And afterward we'd perform a little dance we'd made up that day. We made up lots of dances. We were silly girls :)

5.If you could go back in time to any era and location, when and where would you go? What would you do?

This is by far the hardest. I guess I'd like to go back to just before WWII and meet and talk to Hitler. I know that's weird, and I'm not a fan of Hitler or anythying. I just find him completely fascinating. Anyone who can do what he did has some serious skills. Runners up were ancient Egypt , Arthurian England, and just pre-Civil War South, but I'd have to be rediculously rich in all those situations.

So there you go. Anybody wanna play? It's fun!


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