Friday, March 18

Spring Break

Well, that pretty much sums it up. I'm done with school for a week, WOOHOO! There'll be a bit of school work towards the end of the week, but I'm banning myself from studying until at least next Thursday. Other than that I'll be enjoying daytime tv, reading, knitting, sleeping in, and probably doing a little weekday drinking, just because I can.

Today was rough though. All Friday's are to some extent but of course this was worse cause break was waiting just out of reach. Everyone in the business school gets Fridays off, so every Thursday in my classes I hear everyone planning their weekend and such. But lucky me has classes Friday, darn double major!! I've mostly picked my schedule for next fall and there will be no Vicki on campus on Friday. Of course I can't finalize my fall plans until I make plans for the summer. There are some classes I could take in the summer for only like a month, and of course there's always work. Of course I'd prefer to do nothing, but that isn't so much an option. So next week I'll probably be searching for a job, fun stuff.

As for knitting, well it's kinda come to a screaching halt. I finished my second sock Tuesday, and haven't knit since then. I've kinda hit overload with the socks, and I really don't have anything else to knit. As in, I don't have the yarn or the money to buy yarn. Lack of ideas and patterns is NOT my problem. I'm thinking I'll probably start some more socks this weekend so I'll have some knitting to do over spring break. Unless my daddy's feeling particularly generous with the $$ when I see him Sunday. I bet you'd like to see the finished socks, huh? I mean that's make sense. Unfortunately I got so excited I wore them Wednesday and they're currently at my mom's being washed (yes, my mom does my laundry and Jaime's). So no pictures until I get them back. But they were sooo comfy. I LOVE Fixation!!

So instead I took a couple pictures of other stuff to hold you over. First up is my water bottle cozy from a couple months ago.

It's nothing fancy, but it sure is handy for keeping all that water bottle sweat off of everything I own.

And now for a few shots of the oft ignored cross-stitch.

This is how far I've gotten. And let me make it clear that I've been working on this since I was in 8th grade. That makes it at least 6 years old. This is what it will eventually look like (don't laugh, it will).

It's pretty blurry, but I think you get the idea.

Finally, thanks to my secret pal for the great pattern booklet. I can't wait to get some yarn so I can make some of the fun stuff, expecially that lacy top. Perfect for covering flabby arms when I wear tank tops.


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