Friday, March 25

Better Today

I'm feeling better today, in multiple ways. Yesterday, after finally shaking a fever that had me freezing all day, I had a good cry. That really helps. So I'll elaborate for those who're curious. My mom has leiomyosarcoma, a soft tissue cancer, in her uterus. What that means exactly I really can't say. Wednesday she's having a hysterectomy. She doesn't want to tell any of her sisters (who kept me somewhat sane last time) because several are helping my Aunt Vicki to clean her house for selling and she doesn't want to ruin their good time. I can't say I agree, but I told her I won't tell them. So I have to take care of her and worry about papers and tests and such. She'll be in the hospital for at least 3 days, so maybe that'll help. This time I'm not so scared of the surgery hospital part, I kinda got over that the first time. Now I'm worried about all the after stuff. My aunt has the same thing (my mom swears it isn't genetic, what are the chances?) and has to have x-rays every month to make sure it hasn't gone to her chest. That terrifies me. I might still be in denial of that part. Oh well, whatever keeps me going I guess!

So yeah, I spent all day yesterday lazing on the couch shivering. I was too cold to take my hands out from under the covers to knit. Glad I'm feeling better today, this is officially my last do nothing day of Spring Break. Sakes it went fast. Tomorrow I'm going to the mall to get some springy clothes finally, and spending some time with my mom. Sunday Jaime and I are going to my Aunt's house for some Easter Brunch fun. As long as I don't get too many "poor thing" looks it should be fun.

Happy Easter all :)


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