Tuesday, April 5

I'm Here, Really

I know I've been a bad blogger lately (I was just gazing at my digi camera today and trying to remember when I used it last). Darn life! School is still sorta crazy. There's like two major things a week, which isn't as bad as having a million things at once, but it means that I pretty much never get a break. This semester is going really quickly though. Friday I'll sign up for fall classes. I LOVE signing up for classes. It's so fun to imagine how fun my classes will be, how great my schedule will be... Really it's just nice to be able to imagine the current semester being over.

I've been thinking a bit more about my summer plans. I don't think summer school is in the cards. I would rather go to school than work, but at least working will give me a break from homework. I applied for this really amazing job, but they havne't emailed me back yet. GRRR! I emailed my resume and a really nice, intelligent letter, both of which I obsessed over for hours, and they didn't even email me back to let me know they got it. Of course, not everyone checks their email a gazillion times a day like I do, but it's been nearly a week. It is the PERFECT job, but I'm not getting my hopes up too much. I hate disappointment. Soon I'll give up and this job and start applying for the other ones.

My mom is doing great. She's still taking it easy, although she was wanting to try and do more stuff than she should. Luckily my aunt is keeping her in bed. She's going to the doctor tomorrow for the follow-up. She's still really upbeat about the whole thing and I'm pretty optimistic also. My mom's really strong and this stuff isn't going to get her down so easily :)

Knitting has been coming along. I'm still working on the endless foot of Jaime's sock. It's gray and sockish. Then there's mhy beloved Clapotis. I'm loving it and this way cool Bamboo yarn (it's by SW Trading Company). But I think I'm gonna rip it. I've made it through the increase section, and I'm going to rip the whole thing. Yeah, see I got so excited to start it that I used the closest needles I had which happened to be 8's. Unfortunately, Bamboo needs like 4's. I'm an idiot. I've been thinking nearly the whole time that it was a little, loose. But I didn't stop did I?? After looking at everyone else's I've decided that it would look tons better with smaller needles. So back to square one. At least I'll be more happy with the results this way. I just have to keep telling myself that...


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