Thursday, May 26

All About The Socks

Yeah I know. I now have about nothing to do each day (at least comparatively) and I still haven't posted yet. Refer to the title. I've been knitting socks like crazy. I finished the socks for my mom first, but of course I forgot to give them to her. And I've now started some fun Sockotta socks for me. Wanna see?

It may not look like that much, but I'm pretty impressed with how far I've gotten in 3 days. And, I taught myself to do the whole sock on one circ thing. I havne't progressed to two at once, but I'll get there. I really like it! I think the one circ thing is making it go faster, or at least it seems like it. And I keep wanting to see what the yarn does which keeps me going too. And to throw in one more pat on the back, I'm making up my own pattern too. Ok, so it's a pretty basic sock, but I'm winging it :)

Besides socks there hasn't been too much going on. My mom leant me her car, so I'm not completely stranded here. Tuesday I had a dentist appointment which wasn't bad. Well, except another person told me I look younger than I am. My whole life people have said I look older, and now all of a sudden two people think I look younger. Ah well, eventually I'd hope for that. After that my mom and I went out for lunch to this really great restaurant. I had a really good chedder ale soup and some pepperoni, sausage, and onion pizza. YUM! Saturday Jaime and I are headed to my Aunt's house for a night. It should be fun, there'll be fireworks!

Oh, I almost forgot. I got some really nice stitch markers from my Bead It partner Emily. I can't wait to get back to my clap so I can use them.

Aren't they beautiful? Thanks Emily!!

Well, that's about all I have for now. And my sock is calling...


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