Saturday, May 28

I Feel So Smart

After reading everyone's comments on how they haven't figured out the one circ thing I feel so smart. I mean, you girls are the knitters I look up to! When I cast on for sock part 2 I'm going to try and do that tutorial thing and see if it can help anyone. I promise nothing though.

The sock is soooo close to done. I just have like a half an inch of the toe left. I'm kinda upset though, as my brand new addi's are showing some signs of wear. At first there was just a darker spot on one needle, but then I noticed that the dark spot lost it's glideyness. The darn coating wore off in one spot! Ok, so aparently I'm rough on needles, but this is crazy. I bought them a week ago! Tuesday I'll be in the area of my fave LYS to pick up my car (Thank GOD!), so I'm going to exchange it and hope it is just a fluke. Unfortunately that means no sock knitting this weekend as it's getting really hard to move the stitches around on it. Not that I don't have other things to work on.

Yesterday I went back to Johnson County for the day to look at a couple apartments. And since I'm borrowing my mom's car while mine's being fixed, she needed me to get her some paint. Ok, no big deal, it can't take that long. But she has 5 other places she needs to go. And really, it's her car, so what can I do? I ended up spending 4 hours taking her on errands (although I did get to stop in my LYS) and didn't get anything done that I needed to do. Luckily Jaime called when he got out of work and I begged him to rescue me. I love my mom, but she makes me crazy! I've seen her two days this week for several hours, and it's just too much. And the worst part is that she's so lonely that she wanted to come over today, or for me to visit her again Tuesday. I realize I don't have anything pressing to do, but I can't just visit her everyday. Ever since she retired I've been really worried about her. She has no friends, and I mean that literally. She doesn't really have any hobbies either. She watches TV almost all day, with some reading thrown in. Now she's talking to her sisters at least, which is good, but they are all out of town and have pretty busy lives. It's almost worse now, because she has all kinds of excuses for not doing anything. Even if she'd just get a job, but she's too picky and can't find the perfect job (now you see where I get it haha). It really worries me because as it is I talk to her about once a week or visit once a week, but it isn't enough for her. And eventually I won't be living 40 minutes away, or I won't be able to call once a week for 3 hours. And I feel guilty all the time for not being able to do more for her. So frustrating!!

Ok, so that was a long rant. Well, I still have a bunch to do before we leave the my Aunt's later today. Have a great holiday weekend!! :)


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