Wednesday, May 4

It's Over!!

Not school (it'll be a couple more weeks till that post happens), the socks! Jaime's never-ending huge as stuff boring stockinette grey socks. Woohoo!!

Doesn't he look excited? That's our prom picture in the background (ignore the messy end table). There are more pictures too. They actually fit. Well, mostly at least. There really are two of them. He likes them! There was a small sacrifice to the knitting gods. That's one of my nice Brittany dpns, I now have 9 of them. I'll even throw in a picture of Jaime being goofy, but if he asks, I didn't show you this.

And as promised, the pictures of the fun stuff my AKSP sent me. It came with this great note explaining everything. Basically, I'm supposed to open one present every once in a while, making it last all summer. Ha! I can't even wait a week to open Christmas presents. I'd like it to be noted that I haven't peeked at Christmas presents in 2 years and I'm being very good with these gifts too.

Aren't they tempting?! Here is what was in #1. Yum, they're merlot flavored hehe. I've since opened #2 (hey, it's been a week!) and it was the most adorable piggy magnet that says "What's shakin' bacon?" Which I now ask Jaime at least once a day. He says to tell my SP thanks, but I think he's being sarcastic. I still have to mail out my last SP 4 package, I'm so terrible. I'm definitely going tonight though, assuming Jaime ever gets home...

Since finishing the socks, I've started the second sock of my worsted weight pink pair. I'm thinking I might make them a Mother's Day present, but I'm not sure yet. Pink isn't really my mom's color, and she decided she'd rather have some socks out of Fixation than warm wooly ones, but I don't have much else to give for Mother's Day. Except some quality time of course :)


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